Alteration Videos

Here are the links to my Alteration Videos. They are $5.00.  You are viewing these movies on this site so they do not take up room on your hard drive. They will not be downloaded to your computer. You can click on one to get a sample preview before you order. After ordering, you will receive a link and a password which you can reuse repeatedly.

You can pause or replay any video. 

Take in Jeans Waistband

Shorten Hem on Formal

Add Gusset to Skirt

Shorten Hem with Attached Lining

Shorten Skinny Jeans

How to Hem Dress Pants

Hem Jeans with Original Hem

Fix Crotch Below Zipper

Would you like to see a close up of how I do an alteration? These videos enable you to rewind and repeat any part of the operation that you need to see again.

These tutorials are 15 to 25 minutes in length. I work on a garment right in front of the camera. They are step by step from start to finish. I have a close up camera angle where you can see every stitch. Whether it's hand stitching, ripping or machine sewing, I narrate everything I am doing to make the whole process come together. Occasionally you'll see me make a mistake, too and then take steps to correct it.

I really hope you'll get a nice library of information and resources together so you have the knowledge and confidence to tackle you're next project. 

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